Skokie Cougars

This year, as the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference announced its list for the academic year, the Cougars have more than doubled their total with a new all-time high of student-athletes honored. The sighting is unconfirmed, but police say they received a report that a cougar may have been spotted around 8: Monday along the block of Willow Road, adjacent to the Village Public Works Facility, a release from police said. The caller provided a detailed description of the animal that warranted further investigation, police said. Winnetka police are now working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and a wildlife expert to determine whether the animal was, in fact, a cougar. This is the third time this year that suspected cougars have been seen along the North Shore. The other two sightings were both in Glencoe, where witnesses spotted a large cat-type animal resembling a cougar near the Lake Michigan bluff and shoreline. The first sighting occurred on the morning of April 15 on the bluff below the Hazel Avenue overlook in Glencoe. A neighbor on an early-morning walk found the suspected cougar lying down, but the animal quickly stood up and vanished into the heavy surrounding brush. The second sighting was on July 26, when a Glencoe Public Safety employee saw a large cat that was believed to be a cougar walk across the street at Dell Place and Lakeside Terrace, and walk down toward the lake.

The nearest natural habitat for cougars is in South Dakota, Anchor said. Police and wildlife biologists hovered low in a helicopter over the Skokie Lagoons Wednesday in a futile search for a second cougar spotted by a police officer and two joggers, hours after a 2-year-old cougar was shot and killed by police in Chicago.

Winnetka police said cougars do not like dogs, bright light, flashing white lights and music. A cougar may have been sighted near the Skokie River in Winnetka,following similar reports earlier this summer on the North Shore, police say.

Winnetka police said cougars do not like dogs, bright light, flashing white lights and music. A cougar may have been sighted near the Skokie River in Winnetka ,following similar reports earlier this summer on the North Shore, police say.

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In addition to primarily serving clients in Skokie and the surrounding communities of Morton Grove, Niles, Lincolnwood, and Evanston, Turning Point also sees clients from 47 other communities including clients from as far north as Antioch and McHenry to our western neighbors of Schaumburg and Lombard and south throughout the City of Chicago. In the summer of the Fund became a c3 and the Skokie Community Foundation was created. Our goal is to seek out and partner with donors and community builders who share our vision so that we can build a community resource that will benefit Skokie now and one hundred years from now. Breaking News Alerts Real-time updates on breaking stories in Skokie. Daily Newsletter The latest Skokie news delivered to your inbox every morning. Not in Skokie? The Cougars pride themselves on offering some of the finest food anywhere, such as famous their pork chop or prime rib sandwich off the carvery accompanied by a roasted ear of corn. Regarded as one of the most popular minor league teams in the country, the Cougars combine great baseball action, unique on-field entertainment and a fan-friendly atmosphere.

Skokie Cougars
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