Palestine Women

The results of a survey on the Palestinian public opinion attitudes on women political participation in peacebuilding were also presented 5. En el convenio actual, Alianza por la Soli Women in Palestine face violence, discrimination and denial of their rights. The Culture and Free Thought Association CFTA and Alianza por la Solidaridad have decided to unify their knowhow in to strengthen the capacities of Gazan civil society organizations to defend and protect women victims of gender-based violence GBV with a strong emphasis on community empowerment 1. They aim at a strong popular mobilization, with Community and Women Leaders involved in all stages of the actions, in order to assure ownership and self-sustainability of the action. In a context where patriarchal rules govern the position and the role of women and where the protracted Israeli occupation entails a rising in violence against women 3there is a need to take effective measures to protect women form violence and claim for engagement and accountability of the duty-bearers. Women in Palestine face unacceptable violations regarding their basic rights as citizens. ApS is a key player in Palestine acting in favour of a better recognition of GBV issues by the national and international community through several advocacy platforms and linkages with international initiatives such as EveryWomen EveryWherean international coalition on violence against women. The national strategy to Combat Violence Against Women for adopted by the Palestinian government requires concrete commitments e. In this regard, the role of the civil society is recognized as being crucial to protect women in the Gaza Strip. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the occupation, according to Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who authored the statement on behalf of the coalition. Families across the West Bank are hesitant to let women leave the house alone due to the deliberate targeting of women and girls by Israeli forces. These forces are inseparable, and they work together to reinforce and protract one another and create new forms of oppression, Shalhoub-Kevorkian explained. An example of the social oppression of women within Palestinian society is their lack of protection under the Palestinian legal system. One example of this is relaxed prison sentences for those who kill in the name of family honour. Basir also cites the fact that girls under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a man to file charges of rape. However, she asserts that it is not just the legal system itself which needs to be amended, but also court proceedings, along with broader social attitudes. MOWA has been training judges and public prosecutors to be more gender sensitive with their implementation of laws.

In Palestine, Anera is especially concerned with providing teachers the knowledge and skills they need to bring out the best from their students. Investing in Women and Girls. Investing in Women. More women are major breadwinners, whether they are newly arrived refugees in Lebanon or heads of impoverished families in Gaza where men cannot find jobs. Women and Girls. Learn how you can help hope find a way in Palestine and Lebanon.

That said, women also suffer from the murderous campaigns of the Israeli army; their snipers and bombs do not distinguish between Palestinian women and men when they kill. Patriarchy in Palestine In Palestine, women have to struggle against gendered violence by their own society and by the Israeli occupation. There have been demonstrations in Nazareth, Sakhneen, Haifa and Jaffa, all calling for an end to violence against women. The international community often likes to spin the issue with gendered violence in Palestine as if it's an "Arab problem" and Palestinian women need saving from Palestinian men. Racialising the discourse on violence against women in Palestine is obfuscating the larger context of violence Palestinian women suffer from. In Palestine, women have to struggle against gendered violence by their own society and by the Israeli occupation. In this sense, fighting for our liberation comes with potentially dangerous consequences for us women. Patriarchy in Palestine exists, as it does elsewhere in the world, as a system that upholds male dominance and male hierarchies. Patriarchy exists in Palestine not only in the form of problematic social dynamics and gendered violence among Palestinians, but also in the form of occupation and settler colonialism.

Palestine Palestinians Visual Features. Jaques befriended many Palestinian women in Gaza and documented their lives over the next five years to show an untold perspective on the conflict. She knew that she had to tell the story of daily life of Palestinians, and women in particular, after the fighting stopped. Over the course of five years, Jaques returned again and again to speak with Palestinian women in Gaza and document their lives.

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She is a symbol of Palestinian women who resist the occupation alongside their families. Palestinian women have transcended all traditional barriers and have been civically engaged in political life, all forms of resistance, preserving national identity, uniting the dispersed family, and hanging on to the memory for Palestinians who were raised by refugee families and who never saw Palestine. Despite all the efforts to erase the Palestinian identity, the women through oral history, embroidery art, and cuisine, Palestinian women were able to preserve this identity and pass it on to the next generation. She loves photography and dreams of taking pictures of Palestine revealing the beauty of her homeland when she is granted the right of return. All of this helped preserve a clear picture of Palestine through the stories told by mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. They dreamt of a return to Palestine one day. Palestinian women played a key role in the revolution, the war ofthe war ofthe first Uprising The Intifada of Stone inand the second uprising Al Aqsa Intifada inand the popular resistance adopting Boycott Divestment and Sanctions BDS in In violation of international law, Palestinian women are in captivity with statistics showing that 84 women and girls were arrested in And according to The Palestinian Information Center, At least Palestinian women and girls were arrested by the Israeli occupation forces since the second uprising Al Aqsa Intifada in The treatment of Palestinian women by the Israeli occupation violates international law and includes subjection to various types of pressure psychological and physical and displacement from their homes. In Yemen, said Mlambo-Ngcuka, current efforts to resume peace talks do not include women, beyond setting up observer bodies to advise the UN special envoy. In Palestine, Siniora, who has documented human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories for three decades, said women are excluded from key positions despite evidence that they have been critical to working across political divides, building grassroots support for peace, and providing essential expertise on human rights. Women are being shut out of Palestinian politics and excluded from peace talks, according to Randa Siniorathe first female Palestinian campaigner to address the UN security council. Palestinian women face attacks and discrimination by the Israeli military on a daily basis, she explained, adding that spikes in political violence lead to increased violence in the home. UN statistics show that, despite international efforts, the representation of women in peace processes has either stalled or declined. Our most recent project was a series of cooking classes taught by Palestinian women, celebrating the delicious cuisine of the region.

Palestine Women
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