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Add this chart to your site: Assemblers are responsible for completing assembly tasks according to specific company instructions, including following plans and drawings for step-by-step assembly instructions and collecting and installing parts to create new products. Assemblers must be organized and pay close attention to detail to avoid assembly errors that could delay production goals and should also keep their work area clean of all unnecessary items to prevent cluttering. They use protective gear such as goggles, boots, aprons, and hats to avoid accidents and report their progress to an assembly manager in their department. Assemblers may also be responsible for identifying possible obstacles in the manufacturing process and helping other assemblers as needed. Some may help move finished products into a different area for quality control or help operate drills, saws, and other dangerous tools after specific training. They generally work alongside other assemblers to reach objectives within given time-frames, but should also work well on their own with minimal supervision. Communication skills are necessary in this position to notify supervisors of any issues during the assembly process. They work in a fast-paced environment handling equipment, resources, and other materials to assemble final products with efficiency and expertise, and must also lift heavy objects on a regular basis and perform basic computer functions for accurate item-counts. These assemblers stand on their feet for several hours at a time and use specialized tools to complete their tasks, and may also use pliers, screwdrivers, rulers, or hammers.

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Oconomowoc Personal Ads
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