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About us The Muslim Women's Council was developed in response to a series of informal conversations with Muslim Women from across the Bradford district and with key Muslim female figures from around the UK over a number of years. Why I want to build a women-led mosque in Britain Read more. A feasibility study was conducted in which identified a need to establish a Muslim Women led regional structure. Facebook Feed Muslim Women's Council. The Muslim Women's Council was developed in response to a series of informal conversations with Muslim Women from across the Bradford district and with key Muslim female figures from around the UK over a number of years. As the University Dean of Social Justice, I lead on embedding the principles of social justice within the different functions of Newcastle University. This work is built upon a commitment to empirical research that is informed both by current debates in academic literatures and theoretical understandings about intersectionality, society and space, as well as — where appropriate — concerns of relevance to policy makers and practitioners. My work tends to draw upon debates in urban and social geography and is motivated by anti-racism and feminist geography. There are four main area of research and these include: Intersectionality, equality and diversity - Minority groups experiences of university - Uses and applications of intersectionality. Young people, place and identity - Young people, social identities and political inequalities - Youth transitions and intergenerational relations. Masculinities, ethnicities and place - Religious, racialised and ethnicised masculinities - Constructions of hegemonic and marginalised masculine identities. I am also interested in exploring issues connected with the use of various qualitative methods including participatory action research approaches, focus groups as well as research ethics. I was promoted to a Personal Chair in after earlier promotions to Reader and Senior Lecturer following my arrival in Newcastle in My Google Scholar profile is here.

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There are elements from within the British Pakistani community that still subscribe to outdated and sexist views of women.

Some French women — notably French feminists — resist the wearing of the veil, and consider that a hijabi woman cannot be a feminist. These factors are also likely to shape how Muslim communities engage in politics and participate in society. In Paris, most anti-Muslim acts are based around personal discrimination. A vigil in Finsbury Park following an attack on pedestrians outside a mosque in Anti-Muslim acts in Paris and London. White men are the main perpetrators of anti-Muslim acts in the UK. In both countries, most anti-Muslim acts take place in the two capital cities, but the distribution of Islamophobic acts varies. They are both in Western Europe and have significant Muslim populations. In Paris, anti-Muslim acts take place more in the Parisian centre and they decrease progressively the further out from the centre you go. The phenomenon is therefore spatially more diffuse, because anti-Muslim acts occur mainly in everyday spaces. In an effort to shed light on the complexities of Islamophobiaour research into anti-Muslim acts focuses on where Islamophobia happens in France and the UK — mainly in Paris and London.

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One member of the Newcastle gang, Badrul Hussain, once told a white female ticket inspector: One of the two victims from an African background said her parents blamed her for being raped and believe in spirit possession, adding: Mr Spicer attempted to interview jailed grooming gang members in Newcastle but only one — an asylum seeker who plans to return home at the end of his sentence — agreed. Pat Ritchie, chief executive of Newcastle City Council, said the council would enact all recommendations from the report. Muslim girls have been abused by grooming gangs in other parts of the country, with a report containing dozens of case studies. The review found that before Operation Sanctuary started inperpetrators in Newcastle were not consistently investigated and disrupted as victims were unwilling to make complaints. A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation in a series of trials over the Newcastle case. On Saturday the EDL will be marching in Newcastle and I have been told on social media that I was little better than a pimp for not warning white working-class girls against Muslim men. I found myself posing that question after the Operation Sanctuary investigation was finally made public, revealing horrific abuse of girls and vulnerable young women in Newcastle. And I felt overwhelming anger at the men who had done this, men in my constituency, men who used girls and women as their property without respect for them or thought for their futures. The headscarf is traditionally worn by some Muslim women after they reach puberty. Men jailed for total of 42 years for savage attack Anthony Slater and Anthony James slashed Frank Cartner's throat then barricaded him in his bedroom and set his Newcastle flat on fire. Newcastle Crown Court Man jailed for sexually abusing young girl in Northumberland more than 30 years ago Malcolm Morano, 64, was accused of abusing the youngster in a Northumberland town when she was aged between eight and 12 - now he has been sent to prison for 12 and a half years. Newcastle Crown Court Stepbrothers jailed for 42 years for trying to murder friend by cutting his throat and torching flat Anthony Slater and Anthony James were considered friends by victim Frank Cartner, who let them into his Kenton home only to have his throat cut and his flat set on fire. Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman this month released a controversial recommendation to school inspectors, instructing them to specifically question young Muslim girls they came across in inspections who cover their heads. The letter said: They said: Muslims could be forgiven for suspecting that the results of such questioning will be scrutinised to see if they contain anything that could be used as an excuse to ban the hijab within schools.

Newcastle Muslim Women
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