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Otherwise only open to youth groups, families are welcome to stay overnight at the visitor complex, resting while space shuttle Atlantis floats overhead. Limited Availability - Book Now. Find out More. Book Now. View all tickets directdown. Holiday planner Let us help you plan your Orlando holiday. First timers guide First-hand advice from Orlando experts. From GBP per night.

The impressive Vehicle Assembly Building is the largest single story building in the World, and was a sight I remember strongly from my own childhood. It really did feel as if we were actually going up into space and was one of my favourite rides of our holiday. I have been to Florida so many times, but have yet to visit the space center… We absolutely must go next time! It was like seeing history unfold as we drove past the launch sites of space shuttle missions and the Apollo moon launches. We had a fantastic day at Kennedy Space Center and left with big smiles as Zak announced he either wanted to work in Mission Control or be an astronaut.

I havn't been back as all I remember is that is was boring, but I suppose it depends if your kids are into space etc, they do have a ride there as well now. I am a complete space geek though and loved seeing the shuttles and suits and films etc I think it depends on what your kids are interested in, if they like space and astronauts I think they'll love it, if they don't they might be a bit bored! Its a good day out but I do think you have to have a little interest in space. Is Kennedy Space Center enjoyable for young kids? We are taking our kids aged 7 and 4 to Orlando again this August and although I am interested in visiting Kenned Space Center I'm wondering whether my little girl and boy will like it.

They have giant, real life rockets displayed all around the grounds and if you go on the NASA Kennedy Tour Bus they explain to you which missions they are from and what they were used for. Then follow on through to an amazing simulation as though you are in space and come out into the Apollo room with life size replicas of all of the Apollo mission rockets. After a fairly stressful morning, the launch refueled us and we started our exploration around the Space Station. The center has LOADS more than i've gone through here such as more expeditions, more simulation experiences, real life rockets and much more. You went into different rooms and were told different parts of the Atlantis story about how the NASA scientists needed a different type of rocket to send into space, how they designed it and how those designs failed numerous times.

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She took her knowledge of technology and space and applied it to arms control. Little girls were so taken with her. The year-old had co-developed the space shuttle's robotic arm, which the crew would use for the first time on this mission to deploy and retrieve satellites. Inshe founded Sally Ride Science, which encourages kids, especially girls, to pursue their interests in science. Astronaut Training Simulators Shuttle: Forever Remembered Shuttle: Go for launch and experience the sights, sounds and sensations of blasting off into space aboard the space shuttle! Mission Control: At the heart of the Apollo space program was the team in Mission Control. Get a close-up view of Atlantis, the only space shuttle displayed in flight. Space Shuttle Atlantis. Experience the thrill of the space race with the launch of Apollo 8. View an actual Apollo spacecraft and legendary artifacts in a display so immersive you can actually see the moon dust on Alan Shepard's spacesuit. Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. Watch history unfold in the Firing Room as the first crewed Saturn V mission blasts into space. What would it have been like to launch into space on this very first Moon-landing mission?

Kennedy Space Center Single Girls
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